How Contribution Changes Everything!

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We all have our unique threshold of wealth that informs us
that we are ok.  Once we have reached
this threshold we will feel safe and it is based on our personal beliefs and
values. So when is it really time to contribute beyond ourselves and when do we
actually have enough?

this is an interesting question that to the best of my
knowledge – most people fly by that threshold needing more; and is that ok?

the pursuit of happiness is marred by all sorts of set backs
as well as triumphs; and what if every setback was just the genesis of the next

Because the truth is, we can always have enough and be in a
place to give, so when is it really time to give?

What is your answer?

I say, all the time! And when the person(s) are doing the
work to be ready for the gift. Because just giving a handout never helps
anyone. And this is the Oh so tricky part – how can be the judge and jury of
that? For that, we must tap into our own conscious and ask, is this right for
them and is this right for me.

But let’s side step for a moment. With all the geopolitical
and economic turmoil spawned on by  the
greedy and corrupt (while chanting justice at the same time) too many have lost
their jobs, their livelihoods and even their homes because someone past their
threshold light years ago. How many billions or trillions is enough, while
others cant put a meal on the table because their job was stripped away by

I am all about creativity innovation and ingenuity that
leads to amazing personal wealth as the reward. But does it need to be so much
that it robs the livelihood from millions of others?

There can be no judge or jury on this one – that would be
wrong! What we can do, with as little as we have or as much, its time to
contribute beyond ourselves all the time. Like gratitude, contribution is
saying yes to the universe, that I have enough and that I can lend a hand when
a person is ready to do something with it.

We can’t just give out handouts, that is disempowering to
the soul and so with all contribution, the best ones are with your actual hands
in building a home or teaching a skill enabling them a step in life to find
their own independence.

This is what Awakening Giants is also about – the humanitarian
way! As we struggle the challenges of our own journey and being witnessed and
mentored, coached and celebrated, we help others on their journey. The human
condition needs this connection of compassion and faith that as one, we can all
succeed together.

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