Biohacking is an attempt to manipulate your body and brain in order to optimize performance and exists outside of the realm of traditional medicine. It can take on many forms, such as intermittent fasting, injection of genetic material, dopamine fasting, human cybernetics, and a wide array of other pursuits towards the aim of optimizing the body and/or mind.

The philosophical underpinnings of biohacking include the idea that we don’t have to live with our body’s shortcomings, we can reprogram and engineer them into a better functionality and in some ways possibly influence the coming stages of our evolution to be more advanced and capable members of our species.


In pop culture certain celebrities like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and NASA employee Josiah Zayner have extolled the benefits of such behavior and have brought it to the mainstream attention.

Jack Dorsey is interested in a lifestyle that boosts cognitive performance and talks about the lifestyle changes he’s implemented in addition to a host of other topics:

Josiah Zayner is most notably known for his injecting himself with DNA altered by the gene-editing CRISPR technology:


Other forms of biohacking include:

·        cryotherapy- any treatment that involves the use of freezing or near-freezing temperatures (

·        neurofeedback-like the BEMER machine. Uses EEG biofeedback to process brain activity and then uses signals to retrain these brain signals. Also exposes brains to waves of varying frequencies. In addition these machines can also be used to stimulate muscles to improve local blood circulation and facilitate healing and repair after use.

·        near-infrared saunas- exposure to full spectrum light arrays (

·        virtual-float tanks- sensory deprivation in order to provide restorative benefits, essential certain chambers who reduce stimulation of all your senses

·        performance psychology- changing thought patterns or behaviors to increase performance (

·        nootropics- drugs, supplements, and other substances to improve cognitive function in healthy individuals (ex: Omega 3 fish oils & etc.)

·        nutrigenomic applications- the study of how foods interact with and pattern the body and its functionality. How the food you eat impacts your genes. (


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