Walk Barefoot: your body will love it!

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Full transparency here!

I have been on this health optimizing journey for quite some time. Truth be told – I started about 20 years ago but predominantly focused on helping the consumer get access to the right stuff. Not much was available then but so much is today.

On my own journey I found myself sitting behind my computer doing the research and putting together my programs to help doctors and practitioners develop a new type of practice that served the consumer in obtaining optimum health rather than just treating the disease.

If an ounce of prevention delivers a pound of cure – what about a pound of health optimization delivering a ton of prevention!

So why this story?

Sitting behind my computer for too many hours each day and wearing the wrong shoes – my muscles forgot how to walk and as a result -TOO MANY ACHES AND PAINS. 

I am excited to introduce to you a product I curated and will love your feet and vice versa!

Remember – we evolved over millennia without wearing shoes and perhaps the most inconvenient – convenient invention is the shoe. So here is a product that mimics walking naturally barefoot and this will benefit every aspect of your health.

Check them out and save your feet!

Check out my interview with the owner and founder of the company – it’s a great story!


Best Barefoot Shoes and Sandals for Running, Hiking, Walking – Xero Shoes


As seen on SHARKTANK: Xero Shoes Pitch (Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 14) – Bing video




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