Humanitarian Focus

To be human is to give beyond oneself...

What is our future to be if we can not find the good in all things and make them even better?
Where is our humanity if we can not find the greatness even in desperate times?
Our faces will portray our belief in possibility.
Remember that we can give to those in need!
Remember we can…

My Journey

I was lucky growing up – five different countries and my formative years were spent exploring the ancient civilizations of Mexico with my mother. She was a Curandera, in touch with nature, the indigen and a fighter their for recognition.
All peoples deserve to be honored and cherished as our own and it has been instilled in me as a youth as we travelled the ancient ruins and learned and loved all the people we met.

There is hope in all of us if we can take enough moments to reflect on the plights of others, our own blessings, and how we can gift some of that away. In my third year of medical school I made a decision about my future self and what I would do. It would be to be champion for humanitarian work, helping those who needed it and were ready to participate in their own rescue as well.

I had no idea what that would look like and I am still figuring it out. But here is the truth, you don’t have to travel to another country to share your blessed life with others.

More importantly, your active enrollment in the giving is important too. You can’t just give, you must get your hands in the dirt and build new lives with them.

I am just getting started but here are some highlights I can share:

2001 El Salvador:

Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for humanitarian work in El Salvador.

2005 two trips to SriLanka to provide medical help to a country ravaged by war and a Tsunami

2007 mission to Peru to scout for upcoming trips for medical relief.

Other medical relief and water solutions to Ecuador, Vanuatu and New Zealand Fundraiser event for Hurricane Katarina.

All my trips have been designed to capture the essence of the beautiful people in each country, to share their greatness, and share their need for help as well; if only to inspire the you: to pay it forward somewhere else!

But there is one more thing about being human – its captivating our imagination and setting free our inhibitions and go out and play in the sand as it were as kids and discover what its like to be alive again! Enjoy this pictorial journey n the sands of Nevada during Burning Man 2017

Oh! there is still one more thing:
As COO of Awakening Giants a breakthrough project that captures and captivates the Giant within each of us to journey outside of our comfort zone and tackle the unknown and grow into our best potential. Watch, Listen and Learn what can be in store for you: www.AwakeningGiants.TV

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