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Get Back in the Driver’s Seat of Your Practice.

Dr. Rademaker Presents:  The Doctor’s Guide Webinar 

Get Back in the Driver’s Seat of Your Practice.

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You have spent years of your time, money, and hard work to improve and serve the well-being of your community only to be denied the ability to make a real difference for your patients with innovative medical solutions that are currently available to you. Your patients need and desire to be healed to live a fulfilling life. You deserve to be properly rewarded for your dedication and all the knowledge you have for the highest profession. Then you can live the lifestyle you were always promised and feel you deserve.

For the last 22 years since I have been in the practice of plastic and reconstructive surgery and added regenerative medicine to the scope of my practice, I have been learning the best tools to add to my business and my personal life. I have come to realize that the deck is stacked against us because we are so focused on our main priority to heal our patients.

The problem is, we lack the best tools of our mindset, business strategies and the best science has to offer in reducing the burden of disease for our patients.

There is no other industry with as highest moral values and intent to help humanity that at the same time is stripped of all of its ability to serve its community. More regulations, big industry squashing the independent practices, and lack of the right tools.

My purpose for the last 20 years is to help the practicing doctors and wellness providers to deliver their best and that is why I created the FUEL: The Master Class for doctors to get back in the driver’s seat of your practice.

Watch the webinar – and you decide if you are ready to take back control!

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