Oura Ring


Introducing the new Oura Ring Generation 3.

24/7 heart rate monitoring, personalized health insights, sleep analysis, and so much more.

Oura combines advanced machine learning and health technology to help you focus less on tracking your day, and more on living your best life.

Oura automatic activity notification and activity progress app UI

Automatic Activity Detection

Whether you’re running a marathon or running an errand, Oura automatically detects over 30 different activities for you and delivers insights after you’ve finished.

Guided audio sessions, videos, and more.

A new library of science-backed videos and guided audio sessions that help you understand how to interpret your body’s signals and take action, collected in the new Explore tab.

Guided sessions.

Produced alongside world-class instructors and our partners, Oura’s content library includes over 50 audio sessions for meditation, sleep, focus, energy boosts, and more.

Insight and Creativity

The Empty Canvas

Restful Sleep


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