Real Conversations, Real Solutions: Join us for heart-to-heart discussions and engaging role-plays with health experts and everyday heroes alike. Discover practical solutions to common health challenges, from weight management to overcoming exercise aversion.

Empowerment at Your Fingertips: Learn how to navigate the overwhelming world of health information with a smart, process-oriented approach. Our show emphasizes personal responsibility and the power of informed decision-making.

Transform Your Mindset: Uncover the importance of mindset and self-identification in achieving your health goals. Learn to shift your internal dialogue to foster positivity and resilience on your path to wellness.

Why Listen?

“Doctor’s Guide Podcast Raw and Unfiltered” is more than just a radio show; it’s a movement towards self-empowerment and true health enlightenment. Whether you’re taking the first steps on your health journey or looking to overcome specific challenges, Dr. Rademaker and his guests offer the support, knowledge, and motivation you need to succeed.


The “Doctor’s Guide Podcast Raw and Unfiltered” lies in its empowering approach to personal health and wellness. Hosted by Dr. Bart Rademaker, the show illuminates the path for individuals navigating their unique health journeys, advocating for autonomy, self-awareness, and the cultivation of a positive mindset. Through engaging discussions and a distinctive role-play segment, it addresses the multifaceted nature of health challenges, offering listeners practical strategies for overcoming obstacles related to weight management, exercise aversion, and beyond.

Central to the show’s philosophy is the idea that true health encompasses not just physical, but also mental and emotional well-being. It underscores the importance of understanding one’s past, confronting mental roadblocks, and redefining personal identity in supportive ways. The discussion on the role of genetics versus lifestyle choices in health outcomes further demystifies common misconceptions, encouraging listeners to focus on actionable changes.


The radio show “Doctor’s Guide Podcast Raw and Unfiltered,” hosted by Dr. Bart Rademaker, provides a comprehensive look into navigating personal health journeys. Here are the detailed main points discussed during the show, along with actionable steps for listeners:

Navigating Personal Health Journey Independently:

Action: Encourage listeners to take personal responsibility for their health journey, emphasizing the importance of self-education and critical thinking in evaluating health information and making informed decisions.

Focus on Process Over Products:

Action: Guide listeners to prioritize the development of personalized health strategies over seeking quick fixes through products. This involves understanding one’s body, lifestyle, and the changes that are realistically sustainable long-term.

Role-Play for Resolution Demonstration:

Action: Utilize role-play scenarios to help listeners visualize practical solutions to common health challenges, encouraging them to think creatively about overcoming their own hurdles.

Addressing Weight Management and Exercise Aversion:

Action: Offer strategies to overcome barriers to exercise and healthy eating, such as setting realistic goals, finding enjoyable forms of physical activity, and incorporating nutrient-dense foods into the diet without feeling deprived.

Importance of Mindset and Self-Identification:

Action: Motivate listeners to adopt a positive self-view and a growth mindset, recognizing the impact of self-talk on behavior and outcomes. Encourage the redefinition of personal identities in ways that support health goals.

Genetics and Health:

Action: Clarify the role of genetics in health while empowering listeners to focus on the aspects of their health they can control, such as lifestyle choices, rather than using genetics as an excuse for inaction.


Participating in the “Doctor’s Guide Podcast Raw and Unfiltered” was a surreal and enlightening experience for me. As someone who’s always in the role of a coach, diving back into the roleplay brought up profound realizations about my own health journey. It reminded me of the barriers I faced, particularly the deep-seated belief that I didn’t deserve to be healthy due to past choices. This vulnerability, brought to the surface during the show, highlighted the importance of addressing our unconscious beliefs that often steer our life’s direction without our awareness. The opportunity to be vulnerable in a supportive setting and realizing that these underlying thoughts and feelings are common, was incredibly powerful.  Brad

The show’s environment, led by Dr. Rademaker, provided a unique space for these crucial insights to emerge, making it a valuable experience for anyone on their path to wellness.