The Doctor's Master Class: Get Back in the Driver Seat of Your Life

Learn how to supercharge your medical practice and be on top of your medical journey! Join the highly recommended master class to fuel your mindset and your passion.

Supercharge Your Practice Growth: Achieve Your Goals with the Masterclass!

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Rethink your way through Success

Why this Program and why now?

My name is Bart Rademaker

I am excited to sharing this master class fuel with you. I am passionate and committed to give you a program designed by a doctor for doctors to address the tough challenges we have been facing for the last 20 years.

I don’t know you personally, but I can assure you that I know the many things you are going through. It’s likely you have also been wondering for quite some time.

There has to be a better way and a better life than this!

Better Mindset. Better Practice.

This Master Class was originally designed to teach doctors how to be successful in the field regenerative medicine that I have been involved with since it first became commercially available in 2009. Regenerative medicine introduces a paradigm shift in how we can approach the burden of disease by addressing the root cause.

Emerging technologies that you are likely not aware of make it even easier to incorporate health optimizing in your practice.


What You'll Learn from this Class!

I can help you find your drive as a medical doctor! Here is what we’ll cover in this Master Class and more!


Medical Practices We Cover

No matter what field you’re in, we’re here to help your achieve the best possible outcome! Here are just some of the medical practices we cover.

Regenerative Medicine

Discover the revolutionary field of regenerative medicine in our master class, where you'll explore cutting-edge techniques and therapies to heal and restore the body's natural functions.


Become an expert in anti-aging medicine through our specialized course, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to help patients achieve optimal health, vitality, and longetivity.

Health optimizing and Biohacking

Incorporate scientifically based emerging technologies in diagnostics and bioenergy systems and other modalities that can deliver the newest resources to optimize health and generate profitable revenue streams outside traditional medicine.

Aesthetic Surgery

Unleash your creativity and become a sought-after cosmetic surgeon through our comprehensive training, covering the latest advancements and surgical techniques.


Build More Revenue

We’ll guide you to revenue building strategies in the following areas.

Regenerative Medicine

Manual Lymphatic Drainage


CBD & Hemp

Optimum Wellness


The Doctor's Master Class


What Our Client Say!


"Impressive Class"

“I have been working with Bart for about a year. During that time we accomplished several dramatic shifts in how I think about myself and life and what is possible. I am very excited about the future. Bart is very passionate about people and compassionate… without being soft. He blends support with the “kick in the pants” accountability that is needed to keep me on track. It is always about me and never about him. He is always supportive and shows up engaged for every session. I recommend him highly.”

"Fantastic Course"

“I spent a lot of time researching which doctor I was going use for my breast implant update. I wanted to go from saline to silicone and increase the size of them substantially. Dr. Rademaker and I hit it off immediately and I was very comfortable with him and his methodology. He did exactly what I wanted and I have since recommended him to everyone I know wanting any type of plastic surgery because I know he is one of the best surgeons around. Thank you for everything Dr. R. ”

"Highly Recommend"

“Dr. Rademaker is not only an awesome surgeon but a very caring one also. Makes sure that he explains how he does whatever the procedure you are having done. Very nice person always hugs you shows how much he cares about his patients. I would definitely recommend him to all my family and friends.”


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