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about the master class

As a doctor I tell you, when your practice is not thriving the way, it should – the question that needs answering is:

"What am I missing?"

The Master Class answers that question and more, especially the questions you never thought to ask.

You must first acknowledge that in spite of all your years of training in medicine, there is a deficiency in your knowledge or skillset in business, marketing and the systems that can put you ahead of everyone else, especially in the contentious market place we have today in medicine. You must also be ready to assume a new approach as per Einstein: No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. I created this program because after 17 years of medical school, residencies and fellowships on two continents and some of the best schools, and I fell into the trap that “I know or must know it all”! I also did not realize what I was up against with all the forces that are limiting or disrupting our personal and business success. I created this program for my colleagues that are ready to adopt the proven approaches that we were never taught to get back in the driver seat of their practice and offer you solutions that your current consumer is begging you to deliver. You will find there is a way for you to experience all the freedom and independence you desire and watch your business and quality of life thrive beyond what you thought was even possible. The Master Class is worth more than $100,000.00 and you are getting it for just $9,987 with immediate gains surpassing the initial investment – once you apply the systems in the class”

What the Master Class Gives You

A Proven 5-Module System

I have done the hard work and research so you don’t have to. The Master Class is comprised of the following five modules:

Module 1

Implementing the mindset, physiology and focus of winners.

While you thought that all your training and intellect would position you to know enough to succeed, if you miss just one code of any software program, all you get is error messages. This module helps you discover what high performance athletes and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies already know to be at the top of the game and be able to navigate any changes in the economy.

Module 2

The fundamentals of running a successful business

Most advisors and business consultant companies sell you a bill of goods that simply will not work for you and it will cost you too much money to realize this. They give you a set of recipes they tell you will work for your market but what they fail to do is actually understand your unique situation and style and the individual market demands for your practice. By understanding the easy-to-grasp fundamentals you will be able to design the appropriate strategies, with or without outside agencies, in order to get the results, you want at the lowest cost to you in time and money.

Module 3

Turbo charging your practice

This is where the rubber meets the road. What you have learned in modules 1 and 2 will set you up to win with the subsequent tools, strategies and resources provided to you. These resources and services include the following:

A free brand audit worth $4000.00 to identify how well you’re a positioned in your market and what opportunities are available

A free financial analysis by a leading US bank that not only determines the health of your business but also provides a comparative analysis in your current market, future opportunities as well as optimal financial support to expand or purchase resources or buy a new business.

Free tax audit of the previous 2 years that can potential give you a return of $25,000-$50,000. Included is an audit if your current accounting services are deliver ing what you really need

Maximize your client traffic, engagement and purchases through the optimization of messaging, which results in increase volume, and revenue.

Increase your value proposition by understanding what your market demands and is obtaining from your competition and how to position it in order to surpass your competition.

Module 4

How to take advantage of the rapidly growing field of regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine is a paradigm shift in how we can not only reduce the burden of disease but also increase the quality and longevity of our lives. Discover what the scientific community already knows and how you can safely apply it in your own business. You will also receive $5000.00 worth of regenerative products that can deliver an immediate ROI to your investment with a sizeable profit exceeding 5000.00

Module 5

Resources to save time and money

Your time is money and we have given you back the time by having done the research and curated products, services, scientific papers that will support any of the ideas presented in the master class. Templates, forms and other management materials to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business. Additionally, you will have access to a private community that share useful information, resources and techniques as well as one on one coaching if needed.
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