For physicians who works harder than ever but finds their lives more and more controlled by the healthcare system, Dr. Bart Rademaker is your trusted guide to help you fall in love with medicine again and take back control of your business.

In his FUEL Master Class, Dr. Rademaker offers a proven success roadmap to help physicians take control over their businesses while offering them the ability to tap into a community of like-minded physicians for discussion, advice, and opinions.

Partnership with FEED the Agency

Complimentary Brand Audit Valued: $3600.00

Discover how you position yourself uniquely like no one else in the competitive market that not only includes other medical professionals and wellness providers but the full gambit that occupies the attention of your potential client.

The Master Class Fuel has partnered up with FEED. The Agency, solely dedicated to the success of medical practices like yours.

Benefit from this limited offer of a free brand audit that we are including with the Master Class to get you back in the driver’s seat of your practice. Determine how you are currently positioned and what steps to take to dominate your industry.

Optimum Wellness &
Biohacking Resources

How do we indeed harness the potential of the mind and body to be optimum? Aside of the desire to be able to fly, prolonging life has been man’s eternal quest over centuries. 

The answer may be more forthcoming than you think, particularly with the advent of the wellness revolution since the 80s that has inspired intense research in exactly that: how to optimize and prolong our lives. Scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs have been actively collaborating and bring to us a myriad of tools and resources, some of which I share with you.

Check the recommended Products button where I share my favorite picks. 

Practice Solutions

Practice Solutions is Bank of America’s specialized lending division specifically designed for Medical, Dental, and Veterinarian practices in all stages of their business. We are the largest Medical Lender in the Unites States and boasting an average 85% approval rating for select industries. For more on Equipment Financing for Tax Benefits 1.89% Practice Acquisition Promotion and more
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