Empowered Health: Your Guide to Natural Solutions and Expert Insights on The Doctors Guide Podcast Ep 27 with Dr Bart Rademaker, Featuring Wendy Lynn Myers and Bradley Grinnen

???? “Discover a Healthier You with “The Doctors Guide Raw and Unfiltered” ????

????️ Join Dr. Bart Rademaker on a transformative journey to optimal health with his groundbreaking radio show, “The Doctors Guide Raw and Unfiltered.” Dive into a world where health goes beyond the traditional confines of medicine, exploring innovative and holistic approaches to wellness.

???? Why Tune In?

Explore Alternative Health Solutions: Delve into methods that prioritize natural body processes and holistic health, moving away from reliance on drugs and surgery.

Gain Insight from Body Intelligence: Learn to harness your body’s natural intelligence, including the power of your brain and energy systems, for a healthier life.

Access Expert Advice: Benefit from the wisdom of health experts and guests like Wendy, a trauma-informed fitness and nutrition coach, and Brad, an elite performance coach.

???? What’s In It For You?

Relatable Roleplay Scenarios: Engage with real-life health challenges and solutions, presented in an accessible and educational roleplay format.

Personal Growth and Healing: Be inspired by personal stories of overcoming trauma and embracing self-love, crucial for emotional well-being.

Build Healthier Relationships: Understand the emotional and psychological needs within relationships and their impact on your mental health.


The radio show “The Doctors Guide Raw and Unfiltered,” hosted by Dr. Bart Rademaker, focuses on democratizing access to health solutions that go beyond conventional drug and surgical treatments. The show emphasizes the significance of tapping into the body’s natural intelligence systems, including brain and energy intelligence, to improve overall health. It utilizes roleplay as an effective tool to simulate health-related problems and provide relatable solutions, aiding listeners in understanding how to navigate various health challenges.

Key points discussed include the importance of accessing accurate information and expert advice in health matters, the journey of overcoming trauma and the role of self-love in personal healing, as highlighted by guest Wendy, a trauma-informed fitness and nutrition life coach. The show also delves into understanding and addressing different emotional and psychological needs in relationships, recognizing this as a crucial component of mental health.

Authenticity is promoted as a key factor in fostering healthier relationships and personal well-being. Continuous personal growth is encouraged as an essential part of health and well-being, especially in the context of relationships. Finally, both Wendy and Brad, another guest and elite performance coach, offer their services in areas such as trauma healing, fitness, nutrition, and performance improvement, providing listeners with resources for further personal development.

In summary, Dr. Rademaker’s show serves as a platform for sharing insights and practical steps towards health optimization, focusing on holistic approaches, personal growth, and the importance of genuine relationships.


  • Democratizing Health Solutions Without Drugs or Surgery:

  • Dr. Rademaker’s mission is to make health solutions more accessible, focusing on methods that don’t rely heavily on medication or surgical interventions.

  • Action: Explore and consider alternative health approaches that emphasize natural body processes, holistic practices, and preventative care.

  • Tapping into Body’s Intelligence:

  • The show highlights the importance of understanding and utilizing the body’s natural intelligence, including the brain and energy systems.

  • Action: Engage in practices that enhance body awareness, such as mindfulness, meditation, or yoga, to better understand and respond to your body’s needs.

  • Access to Information and Expertise:

  • Recognizing the challenge of navigating health issues alone, the show provides expert insights and information, making it easier for listeners to find guidance.

  • Action: Actively seek out reliable health information and expert advice when facing health challenges, using resources like this show, reputable websites, or consulting with healthcare professionals.

  • Roleplay as a Learning Tool:

  • The show uses roleplay scenarios to simulate health problems and solutions, helping listeners relate to and understand practical ways to navigate health issues.

  • Action: Reflect on your own health situations by comparing them to the roleplay scenarios, and apply the lessons and solutions discussed in the show to your life.


Participating in ‘The Doctors Guide Raw and Unfiltered’ with Dr. Bart Rademaker has been an absolute game-changer for me. What I love most about this show is its revolutionary approach to health, which goes far beyond the traditional confines of medicine. The focus on alternative, holistic methods is not just refreshing but also incredibly empowering.

One of the standout aspects of the show for me is the deep dive into understanding our body’s intelligence. Dr. Rademaker’s insights into how we can harness our brain and energy intelligence have profoundly impacted my perspective on health and wellness. The roleplay scenarios are another highlight. They bring complex health issues to life in a relatable and practical manner, which makes the learning experience so much more engaging and effective.

As a guest sharing my personal journey, I was struck by the show’s supportive atmosphere and emphasis on authenticity. It’s a space where real, heartfelt stories are shared, creating a powerful connection with the audience and providing a sense of community and understanding.

The discussions around emotional needs in relationships were particularly enlightening. They opened my eyes to the importance of addressing our psychological well-being and how it intertwines with our overall health.

But perhaps what’s most inspiring is the show’s commitment to ongoing personal growth. It’s a powerful reminder that our journey to health is never complete and that there’s always room to grow, learn, and better ourselves.

Being a part of ‘The Doctors Guide Raw and Unfiltered’ has been an incredible journey. I wholeheartedly recommend this show to anyone who’s looking to take control of their health in a holistic and informed way. It’s truly an enlightening experience that can change the way you view health and wellness.”