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Are you ready to take charge of your health but unsure where to start? Join Dr. Bart Rademaker on “The Doctors Guide Podcast: Raw and Unfiltered,” where we dive deep into the world of health optimization with a fresh, no-holds-barred approach. Each episode brings you face-to-face with leading experts and transformative insights that will empower you to make informed, personalized health decisions.

What’s Inside?

  • Personalized Health Strategies: Discover how to tailor your health and wellness plans based on your unique genetic makeup, lifestyle, and personal health data.
  • Expert Insights: Hear from a diverse range of health professionals, from traditional doctors to naturopaths and nutritionists, all collaborating to guide you towards optimal health.
  • Engaging Role-plays: Witness real-time health resolutions through role-playing sessions that illustrate practical solutions to common health concerns.
  • Proactive Health Management Tips: Learn how to actively engage with your health care, ask the right questions, and challenge the one-size-fits-all approach to medicine.

Empower Your Health Journey

Dr. Rademaker and his guests don’t just talk about health—they provide actionable steps and deep dives into how you can manage your wellness proactively. Whether it’s adjusting your diet, understanding supplements, or integrating new wellness practices, this show is your gateway to a healthier you.

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Discusses the necessity of detailed personal health data to tailor health plans specifically for individual needs, and the role of comprehensive testing in achieving this. The podcast advocates for a collaborative care approach, bringing together professionals from both conventional and alternative medicine to offer holistic care.

 The episode underscores the importance of proactive health management, encouraging listeners to actively participate in their health decisions and treatment plans.

Listeners are also guided on the effective use of supplements, the impact of mindset on health outcomes, and the significance of adapting health strategies based on continuous monitoring and feedback. This proactive approach aims to enhance not just physical well-being but also overall life satisfaction.

The overarching message is one of empowerment and ownership of one’s health journey, urging listeners to educate themselves, engage with healthcare providers, and take active steps towards optimizing their health. The show also highlights the importance of personalized health strategies that take into account individual biochemistry, genetics, and lifestyle through discussions, role-plays, and expert insights.


Individualized Health Plans: Emphasized the need for health strategies tailored to individual needs rather than relying on general advice. Each person’s unique biochemistry should guide their health decisions.

Testing and Personal Data: Highlighted the importance of detailed testing and gathering personal health data to make informed decisions. Tests might include food sensitivities, hormonal levels, and thyroid function.

Collaborative Care Models: Advocated for a team approach in healthcare, integrating both conventional and alternative medicine professionals to provide comprehensive care.

Proactive Health Management: Stressed the importance of listeners taking an active role in their health management, including questioning standard treatments and seeking customized care plans.

Education and Guidance on Supplements: Discussed the appropriate use of supplements like magnesium and arginine in managing conditions like high blood pressure and supporting testosterone levels, under professional guidance.

Mindset and Behavior: Touched on the crucial role of mindset and behavior in health outcomes. Effective health management involves not only treating symptoms but also changing behaviors that contribute to health issues.


“Participating in ‘The Doctors Guide Podcast: Raw and Unfiltered’ was an exhilarating experience. The opportunity to engage in real, uncensored conversations about health with esteemed colleagues like Dr. Val, who I greatly admire, was incredibly fulfilling. This platform’s commitment to diving deep into substantial health discussions that challenge conventional wisdom and explore innovative approaches is truly commendable. It’s invigorating to be part of a dialogue that doesn’t just skim the surface but delves into the complexities of naturopathic medicine and biochemistry, my personal passions. The show’s approach aligns perfectly with my love for exploring and understanding the nuances of medical science in everyday health. It was not only a chance to share knowledge but also a fantastic learning opportunity, broadening my perspectives and understanding in health optimization.” — A guest participant on “The Doctors Guide Podcast: Raw and Unfiltered”

“Appearing on ‘The Doctors Guide Podcast: Raw and Unfiltered’ was a highlight of my professional year. The chance to engage with peers like Dr. Val and host Dr. Bart Rademaker, whom I deeply respect, was incredibly enriching. What sets this podcast apart is its fearless approach to tackling the real issues in medicine today stripping away the gloss and getting to the heart of what can truly improve health care. Discussing the interplay of complex medical topics in an accessible format allows us to spread crucial health knowledge far and wide. This show is a rare gem that encourages not just conversation, but action towards innovative health solutions. Every minute was an adventure in learning and sharing, and I’m thrilled to have contributed to such a pioneering platform.” — Marc, Guest on “The Doctors Guide Podcast: Raw and Unfiltered”