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Join us on “The Doctor’s Guide: Raw and Unfiltered,” where we dive deep into the conversations that others shy away from. Are you tired of the same old health advice that never seems to scratch the surface of your challenges? Dr. Bart Rademaker and his extraordinary guests, Kenny and Kendra, are here to change that narrative, offering insights and strategies that transcend conventional wisdom.

✨ What Makes Us Different? ✨

  • Raw, Unfiltered Conversations: We’re not afraid to address the real issues. From the power of positive affirmations to the transformative impact of mindset shifts, we cover it all.
  • Practical, Actionable Advice: Say goodbye to vague suggestions. Our show focuses on tangible steps you can take to optimize your health and embrace a life of wellness.
  • Empowerment and Self-healing: Learn how to take control of your health journey. Discover natural healing methods and how to reduce dependency on medications and surgeries.
  • Innovative Role-playing: Witness real-time problem-solving through our unique role-playing segment, offering perspectives and solutions to common health challenges.

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Whether it’s overcoming physical limitations, breaking through emotional barriers, or simply seeking a path to your best self, “The Doctor’s Guide” is your beacon. Learn how to harness the power of gratitude, positive language, and vibrational frequency to attract the health and happiness you deserve.

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This is not just another health podcast. It’s a movement towards empowerment, knowledge, and ultimate health optimization. Join Dr. Bart Rademaker, Kenny, and Kendra as they guide you through the intricacies of becoming your optimum self.

Don’t miss out on this journey to transform your health, mindset, and life. Tune in to “The Doctor’s Guide: Raw and Unfiltered” and start crafting the life you’ve always dreamed of. Your path to health optimization begins here!


Discusses transformative power of positive language and affirmations, particularly the impactful use of “I am” statements to shape one’s health and life experiences positively. The podcast emphasizes the importance of engaging in raw, meaningful conversations about health challenges, advocating for a shift from problem-focused to solution-oriented thinking.

Demonstrates through role-play how altering one’s perspective and language can lead to breakthroughs in overcoming personal health challenges. They stress the importance of self-empowerment, urging listeners to take control of their health journey through natural healing methods and proactive lifestyle changes, rather than relying on medication or surgery.

Listeners are encouraged to adopt a mindset shift towards solutions and perfection, to combine positive thinking with actionable steps, and to believe in their worthiness and capability to achieve their health goals.

Advocates for a proactive stance on health, where individuals are urged to take control of their healing process, whether it’s through natural methods for physical ailments or through adjusting lifestyle habits to improve overall wellness. Gratitude, vibrational frequency, and a focus on the present are highlighted as vital components of a healthy life.


The Power of Positive Language: Highlights the transformative impact of the words we use, particularly the affirmations following “I am,” on our physical and emotional well-being.

Emphasis on Self-empowerment: Encourages taking control of one’s health journey through natural healing methods, emphasizing the importance of empowerment over reliance on medication or surgery.

Gratitude and Vibrational Frequency: Discusses the importance of gratitude and the role of vibrational frequency in attracting health and wellness, advocating for a positive outlook and frequency alignment.

The Significance of Action and Belief: Asserts that real change in health and wellness requires not only positive thinking but also belief in one’s deservingness and proactive steps towards achieving health goals.

Responsibility, Root Cause, and Data: Outlines a strategic approach to health optimization that involves taking responsibility for one’s health, identifying root causes of issues, and leveraging data for informed decision-making.

Rituals and Neutral Thinking for Well-being: Discusses how certain rituals and a neutral perspective towards diet and lifestyle can significantly enhance personal well-being.


Kenny: “The role-playing segment of the show was exceptionally powerful for me. It provides a unique, immersive experience for listeners, offering them a glimpse into real-life situations and how to navigate them with improved communication and mindset. This aspect of the show helps demonstrate the power of changing one’s language and thoughts in real-time, making it a valuable learning tool for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being.”

Kendra: “Being on the podcast alongside Kenny was a fantastic experience. It offered us an opportunity to explore and articulate our paths in helping others, intertwining our efforts in promoting health and wellness. The show’s focus on raw, unfiltered conversations about health challenges and solutions provides a platform for profound insights that can genuinely aid listeners in their journeys.”

Both Kenny and Kendra agree that Dr. Rademaker’s approach to hosting—encouraging open, honest dialogue and exploring deep topics—creates a supportive environment that benefits both guests and listeners. They commend the show for its commitment to empowering individuals with knowledge, tools, and inspiration to take control of their health and for the emphasis on positive language and the transformative power of mindset.

“The Doctor’s Guide: Raw and Unfiltered” is not just a podcast; it’s a movement towards a healthier, more informed, and empowered society. Kenny and Kendra highly recommend it to anyone seeking to make meaningful changes in their health and life.

“Participating in ‘The Doctor’s Guide: Raw and Unfiltered’ with Dr. Bart Rademaker was nothing short of transformative. What stood out to us most was the incredible depth of the role-playing segments. It’s one thing to talk about change; it’s another to see it in action. This aspect of the podcast offers a real-time demonstration of how shifting our language and mindset can significantly impact our health and well-being. It was enlightening to witness the power of positive affirmations and the importance of focusing on solutions rather than problems.

The opportunity to share and intertwine our expertise in health and wellness within such a supportive and open environment was invaluable. Dr. Rademaker’s commitment to fostering genuine, unfiltered conversations creates a unique space for growth and learning. It’s not just about sharing knowledge; it’s about building a community that empowers and inspires its members to take control of their health journey.

For anyone looking to dive deeper into their health optimization journey, ‘The Doctor’s Guide: Raw and Unfiltered’ offers a wealth of knowledge, tools, and real-life applications that can truly make a difference. We couldn’t recommend it more highly to anyone ready to transform their health and life.”

  • Kenny and Kendra, Guests on “The Doctor’s Guide: Raw and Unfiltered”