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Join us as Dr. Matthew Ormond and Andrew Eng, masters of holistic medicine and acupuncture, unravel the complexities of health care practices. Discover the importance of holistic approaches, the power of self-care, and how to recognize the early signs of health issues before they escalate.

📅 Tune in to Learn:

  • Holistic Health Solutions: How combining chiropractic, kinesiology, and acupuncture can address not just symptoms but the root causes of health issues.
  • Self-Care for Healthcare Providers: Why taking care of oneself is crucial for those who care for others.
  • Practical Strategies: From relaxation techniques to the “Seven Pillars of Longevity,” learn how to balance your life and improve your health.

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Focuses on discussing personal health challenges and innovative solutions through engaging conversations and role-play scenarios. Dr. Matthew Ormond, a holistic medicine practitioner, and Andrew Eng, a licensed acupuncturist and motivational speaker, who discuss the importance of holistic approaches to health, recognizing early warning signs, and the necessity of self-care, especially for healthcare providers.

Dr. Ormond and Andrew Eng share personal insights and professional experiences, emphasizing the impact of stress on health and the benefits of a balanced, holistic approach. The episode serves as a valuable resource for healthcare professionals and anyone interested in enhancing their health through more integrated, preventive measures.

 Educates and empowers both healthcare providers and the general public with actionable insights that promote a healthier, more balanced approach to personal and professional life. Through thoughtful discussion and practical advice, it champions a more informed, compassionate, and holistic approach to health care.


Role of Stress and Self-Care in Health: The roleplay illustrated the critical impact of stress on health, particularly for healthcare providers, and the necessity of self-care to prevent severe health outcomes.

Recognition of Early Warning Signs: Dr. Ormond advised the importance of recognizing early, subtle signs of health issues, such as anxiety or heart palpitations, which can be crucial for preventive health care.

Importance of Balanced Life: The discussion covered the significance of maintaining balance across various aspects of life (physical, mental, emotional, etc.) to sustain overall health and prevent burnout.

Practical Health Strategies:

  • Prioritizing relaxation and avoiding overexertion, especially during periods of recovery from health scares.
  • Structured frameworks like the “Seven Pillars of Longevity” (physical, mental/emotional, familial, social, vocational, financial, spiritual/service health) to systematically address and improve each area.

Health Education for Practitioners: Emphasis on educating healthcare practitioners about additional tools and strategies beyond conventional medicine to enhance their personal and professional life quality.

Community and Collaborative Health: The necessity of a collaborative approach among different health disciplines to address complex health issues comprehensively and effectively.


Dr. Matthew Ormond:

“I get really psyched up talking about these topics—it’s energizing to delve into complex health issues with peers who are just as passionate. What I liked best about today’s session was the potential impact of our conversation. Imagining listeners out there, maybe something we discussed today will resonate and move the needle for someone. It’s about making a real difference, and that’s incredibly rewarding.”

Andrew Eng:

“The best part for me was being able to communicate at such a high level with fellow practitioners. It’s refreshing to discuss complex topics rapidly and deeply, which isn’t always possible in everyday scenarios. This platform allows us to disperse critical knowledge at a pace that matches the urgency of our message, pushing the boundaries of conventional health discussions.”

Tanya (Behind the Scenes):

“The show was incredibly informative, and I loved how Andrew cut straight to the heart of the problem, addressing complex issues succinctly. It’s so relatable for anyone feeling overwhelmed—the discussion about not overloading oneself, even with seemingly healthy activities, was a standout moment. It’s a vital takeaway for many of our listeners to learn that sometimes, less is more when it comes to health.”

Dr. Matthew Ormond:

“Engaging in these deep and meaningful conversations on the ‘Doctor’s Guide Podcast’ is always invigorating. The best part for me is knowing that our discussions have the potential to reach and resonate with listeners, sparking real change. It’s thrilling to think that our insights might just move the needle for someone out there, transforming understanding and actions towards health.”

Andrew Eng:

“Participating in this podcast is a truly unique opportunity. I relish the chance to discuss health at such an advanced level, which is refreshingly different from typical dialogues. This platform allows us to rapidly disseminate vital health knowledge, advancing conversation beyond the basics to more nuanced and impactful areas. It’s an exhilarating experience every time.”

Tanya (Behind the Scenes):

“Today’s episode was a standout, and Andrew’s ability to pinpoint and articulate complex health issues succinctly was particularly impressive. For anyone feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, this episode serves as a reminder that managing health isn’t about piling on more; sometimes, it’s about wisely choosing what to set aside. This insight is something I believe many of our listeners can benefit from.”

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