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Are you overwhelmed by the endless stream of health advice? Do you find yourself searching for a trustworthy guide through the maze of health information? Look no further! Join us on “The Doctor’s Guide: Raw and Unfiltered,” hosted by the insightful Dr. Bart Rademaker, and embark on a transformative journey towards mastering your health.

🔍 What Makes Us Unique?

Our show cuts through the noise, offering you a fresh perspective on health without the hype. With engaging role-plays, heartfelt discussions, and expert guests like mindset and transformation coach Melissa Trinci and Dr. Cindy Starke, an Internal Medicine Physician with a passion for preventing burnout, we dive deep into the heart of what it truly means to live healthily.

💡 Empower Yourself with Personalized Strategies

  • Learn how to navigate your health journey with confidence and discernment.
  • Discover enjoyable health-related activities that you’ll actually look forward to.
  • Understand the importance of community and accountability in achieving your health goals.
  • Gain insights into navigating nutritional information and making informed dietary choices.
  • Explore the potential of DNA profiling for personalized health recommendations.

🌱 Holistic Health Approach

We believe in a holistic approach, emphasizing the interconnection of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. “The Doctor’s Guide: Raw and Unfiltered” is not just about avoiding illness; it’s about thriving, finding balance, and enjoying a fulfilling lifestyle.

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Whether you’re taking the first step on your health journey or looking to deepen your understanding, our show offers a welcoming space for all. Become part of a community that celebrates transparency, support, and proactive engagement in personal health.

Tune in to “The Doctor’s Guide: Raw and Unfiltered” and start shaping the healthiest version of you today! Because when it comes to your health journey, you deserve a guide that’s as real and authentic as you are.

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The podcast offers a comprehensive approach to navigating one’s health journey amid the vast amount of health information available. The episode emphasizes the importance of personalized health strategies, accountability, community support, and the integration of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

 Strategies discussed include identifying enjoyable health-related activities, building a supportive community for accountability, addressing obstacles to physical health with practical solutions, discerning amidst nutritional information, exploring DNA profiling for personalized health insights, acknowledging the role of emotional and spiritual health, and the importance of transparency and support in one’s health journey.

Listeners are encouraged to take proactive steps in managing their health by engaging in activities they enjoy, seeking tailored nutritional advice, leveraging genetic insights for personalized recommendations, and embracing practices that support overall well-being. The show advocates for a holistic approach to health, emphasizing the power of support, vulnerability, and informed decision-making in achieving health goals.


Personalized Health Approaches: The episode emphasizes the importance of finding enjoyable activities and tailoring health strategies to individual needs and preferences.

Accountability and Community: Highlighting the role of accountability and the supportive community in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the conversation illustrates how connecting with others can motivate individuals to stay on track with their health goals.

Nutritional Information and Confusion: The discussion acknowledges the confusion surrounding nutritional information and emphasizes the need for discernment in choosing the right dietary strategies

Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Health: The episode touches on the emotional and spiritual dimensions of health, recognizing their impact on physical well-being and the importance of addressing these areas in a holistic health journey.

Importance of Support and Transparency: The guests stress the value of sharing struggles and achievements with others, advocating for transparency and vulnerability as sources of strength and motivation.

Encouragement to Take Control of One’s Health Journey: The overall message of the episode encourages listeners to take proactive steps in managing their health, seeking out resources, and support systems that resonate with their personal health goals and challenges.


Melissa: “Coming here with zero expectations and being open to participate led to an unexpected gift of breakthrough and perspective. It was truly a gift for me today. Thank you for this transformative experience.”

Cindy: “Having the opportunity to share and guide through this platform reminded me of the wealth of experience I have to offer. It’s rewarding to contribute to someone’s health journey, and today’s session reaffirmed my passion for helping others.”

Tanya (Audience Member): “Watching Melissa’s mindset transform was inspiring. The discussion about pairing activities you love with those you need to do, choosing an environment where you can thrive, and understanding our subconscious beliefs are not faults but stages in our growth was powerful. It makes us believe change is possible for everyone.”


“Joining ‘The Doctor’s Guide: Raw and Unfiltered’ was a transformative experience. With zero expectations, I was gifted a profound breakthrough that reshaped my perspective on health. It’s a unique space where authentic, deep conversations lead to real change. Thank you for this invaluable gift!” – Melissa

“Today’s discussion was a powerful reminder of the impact I can have. Sharing and guiding through this platform showcased the depth of my experience and the joy of contributing to someone’s health journey. It’s incredibly rewarding to help others navigate their path to wellness.” – Cindy

“Watching the transformation unfold was nothing short of inspiring. The podcast brilliantly navigates complex health topics, making them accessible and relatable. It’s a testament to the power of shared knowledge and community in fostering personal growth.” – Tanya, Audience Member