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  • Engaging Role-Play Sessions: Experience breakthroughs as our guests tackle real-life health challenges through role-play, offering you clarity and actionable steps.
  • Expert Insights: Gain wisdom from leading health professionals, transformation coaches, and wellness advocates who share their invaluable perspectives.
  • Empowering Tools and Strategies: Learn how to navigate the overwhelming world of health information with confidence, making decisions that are right for you.
  • Holistic Approach: Understand the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, mental, and financial well-being and how to balance them for optimal health.

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Dive deep with Dr. Cindy Starke and Vibha as they explore emotional, mental, and financial health alongside traditional medical wisdom. Discover the transformative power of reframing your language and perceptions about health investments and learn practical techniques for integrating conflicting internal parts to achieve harmony and reduce overwhelm.

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 Features a deep dive into the complexities of health optimization in today’s information-saturated environment. It brings to light the challenges individuals face in making informed health decisions that are truly beneficial for their unique circumstances. The discussion offers valuable insights into making informed, personalized health decisions in an age of information overload. It advocates for a holistic approach to health, the mindful use of language, the reconciliation of internal conflicts, and active engagement in one’s health and well-being journey.

In this episode, Dr. Cindy Starke and  Vibha share their experiences and wisdom, emphasizing emotional, mental, and financial health alongside physical well-being. Dr. Starke discusses her transition to focusing on holistic health practices post-retirement, while Vibah brings her expertise in transformation coaching to the forefront, illustrating the power of uncovering and addressing the roots of one’s challenges.

The episode includes a role-play scenario where Dr. Starke confronts her anxiety over past financial decisions regarding health investments. Vibha guides her through a transformative process, highlighting the importance of reframing our language and perceptions regarding financial investments in health and personal development. The discussion evolves into an exploration of “parts work,” a technique for integrating conflicting internal parts, which demonstrates a practical approach to achieving internal harmony and reducing overwhelm.

Encourages action, urging listeners to seek transformation and growth actively. Through a combination of expert advice, personal stories, and practical tools, the podcast  captures the essence of navigating the health landscape with intention, wisdom, and a holistic view, encouraging listeners to pursue a fulfilled and optimized life.


Health Optimization Confusion: Addresses the challenge many face in navigating the overwhelming amount of health information available, emphasizing the need for personalized decision-making to optimize health.

Importance of Emotional and Mental Health: Discusses helping people  to improve not only their physical health but also their emotional and mental well-being, particularly in the latter half of life.

Transformation Through Coaching: Vibha highlights her work in transformation coaching, delving into the roots of clients’ issues to foster real healing and growth, underlining the significance of addressing subconscious patterns for overall health.

Financial Health and Well-being:  Explores the anxiety and regret associated with financial decisions related to health investments, such as unused courses, emphasizing the need to reframe perceptions of value and waste.

Language and Perception: Illustrates how the words we use to describe our experiences and choices significantly impact our mental and emotional health, advocating for more intentional and supportive language.

Integrating Conflicting Parts: The concept of “parts work” is introduced as a method to reduce overwhelm by acknowledging and integrating conflicting internal parts, leading to a more aligned and harmonious state of being.



  • Appreciated the reintroduction to parts integration, a method she hadn’t engaged with in some time.
  • Valued the metaphorical imagery (sticky pen and cotton candy cloud) used in the exercise, which helped her view her financial decisions in a new light.
  • Was grateful for the realization that spending can be both safe and responsible, challenging the notion of mutual exclusivity between the two.
  • Felt the episode’s authenticity, appreciating the natural flow that mirrored a private coaching session, a rarity in podcast formats.
  • Enjoyed the genuine interaction and the opportunity to engage in her professional capacity in such an authentic manner on air.


  • Felt the session’s authenticity, appreciating the natural flow that mirrored a private coaching session, a rarity in podcast formats.
  • Enjoyed the genuine interaction and the opportunity to engage in her professional capacity in such an authentic manner on air.


  • Echoed the sentiment that money spent is not wasted but is an investment not yet utilized, offering a fresh perspective on perceived financial missteps.
  • Highlighted the transformation of viewing parts of oneself not as negative or positive but as integral aspects of one’s being, both of which are valuable.
  • Emphasized the practical advice on how to self-reflect on language use and the encouragement to apply these insights independently.

“Joining ‘The Doctor’s Guide Podcast Raw and Unfiltered’ was an eye-opening and transformative experience that went beyond my expectations. The role-play exercise, focusing on parts integration, provided me with a unique opportunity to see my challenges in a new light. The metaphors of a sticky pen and a cotton candy cloud used during the session helped me navigate my feelings about past decisions with fresh insights. I was amazed at how Vibha guided me to reframe my perspective, teaching me that spending can be both safe and responsible, which was a game-changer for my approach to financial health and personal growth.

What stood out for me was the authenticity of the discussion; it felt like a genuine coaching session rather than a broadcasted show. This authenticity made the insights and transformations we discussed feel all the more real and applicable. Vibha’s ability to create a space where I felt comfortable to open up, forgetting the cameras and microphones, was truly remarkable.

Tanya’s reflection on the session brought to light the value in understanding that money spent is not wasted but is an investment waiting to be utilized. Her insights on the no real negative part of ourselves, only aspects waiting to be appreciated and integrated, resonated deeply with me.

The practical advice on language use and the empowerment to apply these strategies independently was invaluable. ‘The Doctor’s Guide Podcast Raw and Unfiltered’ isn’t just a show; it’s a tool for anyone looking to make meaningful changes in their life. Whether you’re wrestling with personal, financial, or health-related decisions, this podcast offers a wealth of knowledge, empathy, and actionable steps towards a better you.”

— Participants of “The Doctor’s Guide Podcast Raw and Unfiltered”