🌟 Discover the Path to Holistic Health with Dr. Bart Rademaker’s “The Doctor’s Guide” Podcast! 🌟

Join us this week on “The Doctor’s Guide” as host Dr. Bart Rademaker brings together the realms of medicine, spirituality, and personal transformation in one enlightening podcast episode. Dive into discussions that extend beyond traditional health topics to include the emotional and spiritual dimensions that make us uniquely human.

🔹 Featured Guests:

  • Reverend Shara (Jarrod Ogen), an intuitive coach who blends the magic of clairvoyance with practical healing, unlocking pathways to love and fulfillment.
  • Una Bella, an artist and holistic practitioner who uses astrology and immersive retreats to guide individuals towards self-discovery and cosmic understanding.


Underscores the significance of adopting a holistic approach to health that not only considers physical symptoms but also delves into emotional and spiritual well-being.

The discussion highlights how ancestral and early childhood experiences significantly influence our current health and behavior, emphasizing the mind-body connection as crucial for understanding comprehensive health dynamics.

The discussion includes the importance of identifying and addressing subconscious blocks that hinder personal growth, the effectiveness of inner child healing in resolving deep-seated emotional wounds, and the benefit of integrating practical medical knowledge with metaphysical practices for a comprehensive healing approach. 

Various therapeutic methods such as neuro-linguistic programming and somatic therapy are discussed, illustrating their role in facilitating profound personal transformations. The podcast encourages listeners to engage in continuous self-exploration and to remain open to various therapeutic modalities to achieve balanced health and wellness.


Holistic Health Approach: Emphasizes the integration of medical insights with holistic and metaphysical practices. Encourages considering all dimensions of health, not just physical but also emotional and spiritual.

Role of Subconscious Blocks: Discusses how subconscious blocks can hinder personal and career fulfillment. Highlights the importance of addressing these blocks for achieving abundance in all realms of life.

Inner Child Healing: Focus on healing inner child wounds to resolve current emotional distress. Techniques involve revisiting early childhood experiences and emotional states to foster healing.

Integration of Practical and Metaphysical Knowledge: Guests combine scientific and academic backgrounds with metaphysical practices for a balanced healing approach. This integration aids in addressing confusion and guiding individuals towards enlightenment and personal growth.

Impact of Ancestral and Early Childhood Experiences: Stresses the significant influence of ancestral and early childhood experiences on current health and behavior. Suggests that these foundational experiences shape our core beliefs and responses to life’s challenges.

Therapeutic Methods Discussed: Techniques such as neuro-linguistic programming and somatic therapy are explored. Importance of reprogramming beliefs at a cellular level for effective change.



“I really appreciated how the session unfolded; it went beyond just discussing concepts and really involved experiencing them firsthand. It’s one thing to talk about steps and an entirely different one to actually walk through them in real time. The role-play allowed me to demonstrate the practical application of my approach, emphasizing the neurological and cellular aspects of healing, which is crucial in distinguishing my work as a coach. This experience resonated with me because it shows the depth and impact of the healing process in real-time, making the theoretical personal and tangible.

Una Bella:

“The role-play session was incredibly impactful for me, even in its brevity. It felt like a real, condensed version of the therapeutic process I advocate. Being able to participate in such a dynamic and revealing way was enlightening and satisfying. It’s one thing to know the process intellectually, but to live it out, even briefly, was a powerful affirmation of the work I do and its potential to touch and heal on a deep level.”

Dr. Bart Rademaker:

“I’m thrilled with the feedback from both Shara and Una. Their engagement and the authenticity they brought to the role-play sessions not only enriched the discussion but also highlighted the unique benefits of integrating deep, experiential learning into our conversations about health. This kind of interaction is exactly what sets this podcast apart, providing both the guests and the audience with genuine insights and practical knowledge that can be applied to their lives immediately.”