🎙️ Tune in to “The Doctor’s Guide Podcast” with Dr. Bart Rademaker! 🎙️

Are you faced with complex healthcare decisions? Overwhelmed by the sea of information out there? Look no further, because on this podcast, we’ve got your back!

Join Dr. Bart Rademaker as he delves into the world of healthcare decision-making with a dose of compassion and expert insights. In each episode, Dr. Bart is joined by distinguished guests, and this time, it’s Dr. Rob and Dr. Ben, two brilliant physicians who bring humor and humanity to the healthcare discussion.

They take on real-life medical cases, dissecting them to uncover the keys to making informed, patient-centered decisions. Whether you’re navigating your own health journey or caring for a loved one, this podcast provides actionable steps and thought-provoking insights that can help you make the best choices.

Discover how to:

🩺 Understand the holistic approach of palliative care. 📋 Navigate complex medical situations with clarity. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Involve family members in healthcare decisions. 🎗️ Prioritize values, quality of life, and patient wishes.


The essence of this radio show revolves around the complexities of healthcare decision-making and the importance of proactive, holistic, and patient-centered approaches. Dr. Bart Rademaker and his guests, Dr. Rob and Dr. Ben, discuss a challenging medical case, emphasizing the significance of understanding a patient’s values, quality of life, and involving family members in the decision-making process. They highlight the role of palliative care in treating patients as whole individuals and stress the need for early engagement of palliative care professionals. The show encourages listeners to take responsibility for their health, seek trustworthy information, and engage in open and proactive conversations with healthcare providers. Overall, it promotes informed and compassionate healthcare decisions to optimize one’s well-being.


Navigating Health Complexity:

Dr. Bart discusses the complexity of health and the overwhelming amount of information available.

Action: Acknowledge the complexity of healthcare decisions and seek structured processes to make informed choice.

Holistic Approach in Palliative Care:

Dr. Ben highlights the importance of palliative care in treating patients as whole individuals, not just as medical cases.

Action: Explore palliative care as a holistic approach to healthcare, focusing on patients’ values, goals, and overall well-being.

Proactive Conversations:

Dr. Rob emphasizes the need for proactive discussions with patients about their values and what brings them joy.

Action: Initiate conversations with healthcare providers about your values and preferences to guide medical decisions.


Testimonial for “The Doctor’s Guide Podcast”

“This podcast is a game-changer! What I loved most about it was how Dr. Bart, Dr. Rob, and Dr. Ben portrayed their empathy for complex medical situations. It’s not just doctors lecturing; they show you how to do it. The insight into palliative care was incredible, emphasizing treating the whole person, not just the disease. ‘If she could speak for herself, what would she say?’ – that hit me in the heart. I hope more people see this because it clarifies what palliative care truly is. It’s not to be confused with anything else. Great work, and it’s wonderful for both the community and clinicians!”

– Dr. Ben

“This podcast offers incredible insights into palliative care. It emphasizes treating the whole person, not just the disease. ‘If she could speak for herself, what would she say?’ is heart-touching. Many people still confuse palliative care with other fields, and this podcast is a much-needed clarification. It’s wonderful and fantastic.”

– Tanya

“This podcast has my utmost respect. It’s emotionally, spiritually, energetically, and intellectually tough work. It captures the essence of the emotional burden and family dynamics in palliative care. I gave my dad permission every day to make choices, and it’s okay. We’re gonna be okay. This show speaks to the soul.”

– Dr. Rob

“Dr. Bart’s approach to discussing the emotional burden in medicine is brilliant. The questions asked are open-ended, and the attentive listening is wonderful. It captures the essence of humanity in medicine.”

– Inspired Listener