Meet "The Doctor's Guide Podcast" Guests

Introducing the esteemed guests of “The Doctor’s Guide” podcast, where medical practitioners and professionals converge to share their expertise and insights. Each episode features renowned individuals who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the forefront of healthcare.

Chad Cooper
High Performance & Strategic Advisor
Joy Ogeh-Hutfield
Transformation Coach, Author & Speaker
Yarona Boster
Specializes in Parenting, Infertility,
Loss, and Trauma
Robert Hulse
Life Coach, Pharmacist, Youth Ministry,
and 27 years caregiving
Pooja Radia
Type I Diabetic with an Inspiring Story of Discipline, Mindset, & Nutrition
Anastasia Cortez
Public Speaker, Life-results Coach, and Philanthropist
Dr. Paul Brewer
Eye Specialist
Dr. Matthew Ormond
Healthcare Professional
Elizabeth Campbell
Co-founder and Wellness Consultant
at Revana
Bela Castro
Specializes in Positive Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, and Fitness Training
Loren Lahav
Personal Development Expert
Wendy Lynn Myers
Trauma-informed Wellness Coach and Professional Model
Bradley Grinnen
Fortune 500 Executive Coach and an
Elite Performance Coach
Alice Miller
Information Technology, Transpersonal Psychology, and Meditation
Dr. Sienna Steckel
Board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician
Dr. Cindy Starke
Neurolinguistic Master Practitioner & Certified in Trauma Release Method
Jana Roemer
Alternative & Holistic Health Service
Udo Erasmus
Pioneer in Health & Wellness, Author and International Speaker
Tai Erasmus
Certified Personal Trainer
& Nutritional Coach
Cathy Whelehan
Ordained Interfaith Minister,
Spiritual Counselor
Freddie Kimmel
Wellness Concierge & Podcast Host
Gabriel Shonerd
Massage Therapist with a Holistic View of Health
Daniel Martin
Cybersecurity Technician
and Epilepsy Health Coach
Terra Thomas
Health and High Performance Coach
Chris Lee
Mindset and Peak Performance Coach
Dawn Sparks
Expert in Anesthesia Pain Management & Longevity Medicine
Jason Kamora
Nutrition, Fitness, and Lifestyle Coach
Bryn Gillow
Corrective & Family Lifestyle Chiropractor
Meggie Soliman
Director of Strategic Innovations,
Applications at DSS, Inc.
Haasseem Muhammed
Chiropractic Physician
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