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Are you ready to dive deep into the essence of true health and wellness? Join Dr. Bart Rademaker on a transformative journey with “The Doctors Guide Podcast: Raw and Unfiltered,” where the focus is on you — your health, your decisions, your wellbeing.

🔍 Discover Your Health Blueprint: Learn how your unique genetic makeup can guide you toward optimal health, moving beyond the clutter of quick fixes and trendy health fads.

🎭 Engage in Enlightening Role-Playing: Experience groundbreaking role-playing sessions that mirror your health dilemmas, offering you a fresh perspective on making healthier choices.

💡 Gain Actionable Insights from Experts: Hear from inspiring guests like Cami Baker Miller, a cancer survivor turned intuitive coach, and Dr. Cindy Starke, who transitioned from traditional medicine to mastering NLP and subconscious repatterning. Their stories are not just stories — they’re blueprints for health and happiness.

🧠 Explore the Power of NLP: Witness the magic of Neuro-Linguistic Programming through live examples, understanding how to reprogram your subconscious for success and wellness.

❤️ Empower Yourself through Self-Coaching: Discover the art of positive self-dialogue and become your own best friend and coach. It’s about empowering yourself to make the best decisions for your health and life.

🌱 Vulnerability is Your Strength: Embrace the power of being open and vulnerable as a pathway to growth and understanding. Learn how guidance and support can transform your health journey.

🎧 Tune in to Transform: Whether you’re seeking to overcome personal barriers, optimize your health, or find clarity and hope, “The Doctors Guide Podcast: Raw and Unfiltered” is your gateway to a life of wellness and fulfillment.

🚀 Join Dr. Bart Rademaker and embark on a journey to unlock your potential for optimal health. Because being well should be your reality, not just your goal.

✨ Listen now and step into a world where your health and happiness are in your hands. Because on this show, we’re not just talking about health — we’re living it, one insightful episode at a time. ✨

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Discusses health optimization through understanding one’s health blueprint and making informed decisions. Through role-playing, guest experiences, and practical examples, the show illustrates how self-awareness, NLP, and positive self-dialogue can empower individuals to overcome personal barriers and achieve their health and wellness

The episode encourages listeners to embrace vulnerability, seek guidance, and actively engage in self-coaching to navigate their health journey effectively.

The importance of self-coaching and positive self-dialogue is highlighted as crucial for personal growth and health optimization. Listeners are encouraged to become their own best coaches and friends.

Offers actionable insights and tools for listeners to become their own health advocates, emphasizing that true health optimization is not about seeking external quick fixes but about engaging with and understanding oneself on a deeper level.


Emphasis on the Power of Subconscious Beliefs: The discussion highlights how subconscious beliefs and programs can significantly impact one’s health decisions and outcomes. Techniques like NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) are showcased as methods to reprogram these beliefs for positive change.

Importance of Guidance and Vulnerability: The episode illustrates the value of being open and vulnerable in the process of personal growth and health optimization. Having a coach or guide can facilitate profound changes by addressing deep-seated fears and beliefs.

Personal Transformation Stories: Guest Kami Baker Miller’s transition from a cancer diagnosis to becoming a best-selling author and intuitive coach exemplifies how adversity can be transformed into empowerment and self-improvement.

Combatting Burnout with NLP and Subconscious Repatterning: Dr. Cindy Starke shares her journey of using NLP and subconscious repatterning to move from burnout to creating a more fulfilling life, emphasizing the potential for personal reinvention in life’s second half.

The Role of Positive Self-dialogue and Self-coaching: The podcast encourages listeners to become their own coaches and best friends, highlighting the importance of positive self-dialogue and the belief in one’s power to shape health and wellness through self-coaching techniques.



“I absolutely love timeline therapy. It’s my most powerful tool when using NLP to clear all the rubble out of the way. Seeing it in action during the show, especially how it directly addressed personal hurdles, was incredibly impactful for me.”


“The best part for me was witnessing the immediate relief and transformation in Cami, even in such a short amount of time. It reminded me of the profound power of NLP and the language of the subconscious mind in healing and personal development.”


“The problem Cami presented, the self-doubt, is something everyone experiences, and the way Cindy addressed it was truly enlightening. The belief clearing session was palpable, and the advice given — to imagine how you want to feel for just one minute a day to shift your reality — was simple yet profoundly impactful.”

“Joining the ‘Doctors Guide Podcast: Raw and Unfiltered’ was an enlightening experience that exceeded my expectations. The opportunity to engage in timeline therapy live on air, showcasing the incredible power of NLP to clear away mental and emotional obstacles, was truly transformative. Witnessing firsthand the immediate impact of these techniques on personal growth and healing was a highlight for me. This show provides a unique platform for sharing powerful insights and practical tools for anyone looking to become the best version of themselves. It’s a testament to the power of vulnerability, the strength found in community, and the potential for change when we harness the language of our subconscious mind. I left the discussion feeling inspired, empowered, and equipped with new strategies to face life’s challenges. If you’re seeking a path to personal transformation and a deeper understanding of what it means to optimize your health and happiness, this podcast is an invaluable resource. – Cami, Cindy, & Tanya”