Anxiety and Blood Pressure, reducing them naturally



In recent years much interest has been generated over techniques capable of mitigating anxiety symptoms. These involve everything from medicine and exercise to breathing routines. As is common when a lot of folks get interested in things, there is much more in-depth coverage and research. One of the physical manifestations researchers have found that arises from heightened anxiety is an increase in blood pressure1.


Anxiety and blood pressure are linked in a plethora of ways but primarily in that significant spikes in blood pressure over time related to anxiety can result in damage to vessels and cause chronic issues2. 32% of Americans are hypertensive, and only half of those have it under control3. With medication becoming increasingly more prescribed and more expensive, it is becoming apparent that alternatives are needed.


Natural regulation is enough to overcome changes in blood pressure in most cases and restore a healthy homeostatic balance. This can be achieved through exercising regularly, reducing chemical intake like caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol, as well as diet alterations. Key diet alterations include a focus on whole grains, fruits, and green vegetables. It is also key to avoid fat and cholesterol as well as processed foods.


The positive feedback cycle initiated by a reduction in blood pressure often serves to lessen symptoms of anxiety which in turn lessens blood pressure. Though the relationship between the two is more in depth than that simplification, there are ways to control blood pressure outside of the purview of pharmacology. Implementing lifestyle changes goes a long way.



Written by Jeremiah Ockunzzi, courtesy of Dr. Bart Rademaker, MD.








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