How familiar and aware are you of your daily ritual? And by
daily ritual I mean, all the things you do throughout the day!


Do you take the time to reflect in the morning about what
you wish your day to be like or do you get up and begin the repeated routine
you have been doing for years?

Get up, shower, brush teeth, exercise, get dressed,
breakfast, feed the kids, drop the kids off, drive to work, grab a cup of Java,
deal with tons of frustrations, lunch, talk to the boss – you get the idea!

If this rings the proverbial bell of your life, when is it
time to wake up and wonder – how fulfilled are you really?


Some people never wake up and they live in a semi dream
world and get their emotional high vicariously through watching TV or going to
the movies.

I for one get totally moved by movies – they have such a
captivating draw to our emotions and yet – leave us empty at the end of them
because it’s not us. We are not the hero or heroine – rather, we are just a


Being fulfilled is the key to happiness and setting that
intention each morning in a specific manner and then design the means by which
you can achieve it all, is the answer.


But when were you drawn out of your comfort zone to
experience what true potential lies within? This is what Awakening Giants is
all about – to draw you out as a participant, or as an engaged viewer giving
the AG team ideas or enact on your own and then share it with the community.


Awakening Giants is a unique series designed to awaken the
giant within you, to find your fulfillment in life as you declare your legacy.


AwakeningGIANTS TV – awakeningGIANTS TV 


Bart Rademaker MD




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