I firmly believe that it is important that you have access to the kind of information that will help you optimize your health.

It starts with metrics that inform you how well your body functions. With this information, you can make intelligent decisions and get the results you want

There are essentially two types

Wearable devices

Biomarkers through lab testing

Wearable devices that monitor your heart rate and rhythm, your blood oxygen, hear rate variability, how well you sleep and how often you move

My two favorites are Garmin and the Ouraring.

Biomarkers through lab testing evaluate the levels of your hormones, fats, and  micronutrients like vitamins and minerals, but also many other important metrics that many traditional doctors do not evaluate like your gut bacteria or how efficient your digestive system works, which genes are being expressed and which metabolic pathways are in overdrive.

Here are some of the useful links you might want to explore:

Order Lab Tests Online – Ulta Wellness – Ulta Lab Tests

Discount Online Lab Testing | Online Blood Testing | Request A Test

Welcome to Own Your Labs – Own Your Labs

Online Lab Testing | Blood, Urine and Breath Tests (mylabsforlife.com)

GENIE measure genes that impact chronic fatigue and inflammation — ProgeneDX

All this information is important and if you want to learn more about optimizing your health – listen to my radio show totally dedicated to he health optimization journey 2022




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