Mitochondria: disease and aging, what are you missing?


Like with many of the recent topics discussed in the health space – mitochondria has gained much attention.

In medical school, we only received cursory information regarding the origin of mitochondria and that these are the primary energy centers of our cells producing the life sustaining ATP to provide energy for all the important physiological processes occurring every second.

Recent evidence is clearly telling us that what underlies most chronic diseases is a mitochondrial dysfunction. When you think about it – this makes perfect sense! Low energy output – not enough energy to keep pace with the metabolic demands of the body. As a result, problems arise and left long enough – they become serious medical conditions that doctors will treat with drugs or surgery.

But what if we could address this dysfunction as it occurs or even prevent it from happening. Again – this would make perfect sense but the question is – where do we start to address it.

As with many of the conversation I have regarding HEAOPS (health optimization strategies) we must start with understanding how sever the dysfunction actually is in order for us to then measure any improvement.

As I keep on repeating myself – what we don’t measure we don’t manage and we can’t willy nilly give you all sorts of supplements to improve your biology without knowing if they are the right ones and if indeed they are helping you.

Once we have established that indeed there is a measurable dysfunction then we can start thinking of the various approaches to address this dysfunction. Here are some to consider:

Avoid carbohydrate loads because excess ATP is produced in the mitochondria resulting in oxidative damage to the mitochondria.

Induce mitophagy – a process that removes old and dysfunctional mitochondria that can contribute to overall cellular dysfunction, Urolithin A is a molecule that supports this. Various foods have this as well as a product called Mito pure. See resources for a link for Mito pure.

Methylene blue is known is well known to support mitochondrial function. FDA approved for the treatment of methemoglobinemia. Clinical trials have shown how methylene blue helps with cognitive function, memory and slows down/stops progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Methylene blue has many other benefits. See resource section for links or go the website link below.

Photo biomodulation with red and near infra red light has shown to benefit function of mitochondria through the absorption of light by the cytochrome C oxidase.

Exercise promotes mitochondrial biogenesis through a number of other pathways, especially endurance and interval training.

PQQ supplementation leads to more mitochondria and more functional mitochondria. 

Fasting, Ketogenic Diets and Fasting-Mimicking Supplements promotes mitochondrial biogenesis by AMPK activation.

NAD+ either as a nasal spray or through IV therapy has shown to be highly beneficial for mitochondrial function.

If you want to live longer and have a higher quality of life: recognize that the health of your mitochondria is central and must be addressed. Find a practitioner that understands how to tap into optimizing your health with the many types of modalities not taught in medical school.  There is a very important role to have your doctors and hospitals help you in an emergency but it is on you to make sure you optimize your health. That is my mission: to curate and guide any consumer of health with the many incredible products, devices and services that will optimize you.

Each of these recommendations is evidence based and diligent research will find the appropriate documentation. Before instituting any type of health optimization, obtain the consultation from your medical practitioner.

If you are a practitioner or a consumer looking for a practitioner, follow the link below for additional references that can guide you towards optimizing your mitochondria and potentially reversing any medical condition.





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As medical practitioners we have an incredible opportunity to enhance our influence on those that trust us the most, our clients as patients. This requires embracing strategies not commonly taught in medical school and partnering with the types of health practitioners that can support the many different health optimization strategies that are available. My personal mission is to support all types of health practitioners to re-invent their practice and find new pathways to help their business thrive and deliver better results in community health as we can curate and guide or clients with the best options now available to them. For more information, contact me through the website.


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