Spermidine plays an essential role in organisms, like humans and even plants. One of spermidine’s biggest and most profound functions, from which other functions stem from, is the ability to counteract aging and promote autophagy.

Our bodies are made up of cells. As we age, our cells age as well. When these cells become old or damaged, it can cause build up of dead or toxic organelle matter in our bodies, potentially leading to age-related disease and injury. Spermidine in our cells optimizes autophagy and cellular renewal.

Spermidine is also known to regulate various cellular processes including:

DNA Stability
Cellular growth
Cellular differentiation
Apoptosis (Which is cellular death as a normal part of growth and development in organisms)
Research in treating aged mice with spermidine found that it led to a decrease in arterial stiffening, which is an aging-related condition correlated to the deterioration of autophagy.


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