Brain Enhancement Strategies using Nootropics


I believe in this day and age we all deserve to get ideas or
insights as to what can help us get ahead in life. With so much evidence-based
science on supplements and bioenergetic devices – I also think its worthwhile
to try and self-experiment with different types of supplements and devices.


But where do you start? This is the challenge, with so much
out there and a lot of it might be useless for you! So that’s the exciting part
of what I can do as I do my own due diligence on different products and lifestyle
habits and share the ideas with you. Each person must for themselves decide the
appropriateness of any of these ideas and apply responsibly, with the consultation
of a heaops practitioner whenever necessary.


So, lets talk about NOOTROPICS derived from the Greek mind
and turning and refers to a group of substances that enhance brain function.
Brain enhancement includes but not limited to any of the following:


Improved memory recall

Faster processing speed

More focus

Better concentration

Improved moods


The mechanism of action of brain enhancement is multiple and
each of the potential nootropic will act on them differently. Enhanced
neurotransmitter release like dopamine, reduced uptake of these
neurotransmitters in the nerve allows for a prolonged stimulatory effect,
certain precursors to the neurotransmitters results in increase production of neurotransmitters,
but also increased blood supply, stabilization of nerve cells and even
reduction of inflammation.


While the use remains controversial and particularly
questionable in young and unaffected individuals, there is significant clinical
evidence with certain nootropics in the elderly or those suffering from some
type of cognitive decline. Others believe that while the effects might not be dramatic
they might give you an edge and perhaps that is exactly what many people want.

The FDA has its directive to protect the consumer but at
times might be over protective since many nootropics are available in Europe,
albeit at times with the need for a prescription. Nootropics are available over
the counter and online.


Three types of nootropics to include, prescription, synthetic
and natural ones.

When it comes to optimizing your cognitive health and your
mental one (mood, anxiety, etc.) we must remember that a disrupted system will
contribute to any cognitive or mental decline. Clearly best to optimize through
optimum sleep, nutrient dense foods, and exercise as well as mindfulness practices.


Using nootropics in tandem with these practices does make
sense but requires careful diligence and self experimentation to determine
benefits. As with any optimization strategy, getting a baseline is important
and incorporating strategies that optimize overall health especially
mitochondrial function.


If the overall terrain in your body, i.e. all the substrates
needed for optimum cellular function is suboptimal, using any type of nootropic might not
make a difference and potentially cause a harm. Optimize fist!

There are many natural and synthetic nootropics to include:





Creatine monohydrate:

Bacopa monnieri

Rhodiola Rosea




American Ginseng

Panax Ginseng

Huperzine A






And of course





As you do your research and pick the product that resonates
with you, remember effects are variable and you may not experience any improvement.
As you read reviews online you will easily find statements supporting and
debunking the products. And, how much is it a placebo effect.

In my world, if all it takes to have the placebo effect to
get improvement – then why not! Its about enhancing, maximizing, and optimizing
self. Fortunately, for the most nootropics, there do not appear to be any significant
side effects and are relatively safe. As a user, you must verify the safety for


My mission is to shed light on opportunities that you may
not have known existed that can make all the difference for you as I have discovered
that for myself.


Bart Rademaker MD



14 Best Nootropics and Smart Drugs Reviewed (

Nootropics |
Psychology Today



Reported use


reduces stress and anxiety


enhances memory


increases alertness
and focus


cognitive performance


prevents or delays
age-related cognitive decline or mood disorders


enhances memory and reduces anxiety


reduces anxiety


reduces the negative
effects of caffeine while enhancing attention


reduces anxiety and
insomniaTrusted Source


enhances attention


enhances cognitive


memory and learning

St. John’s wort

reduces depression


enhances creativity





If you want to live longer and have a higher quality of
life: recognize that there are many health optimizing strategies available to
you but first the appropriate diagnostics are necessary to determine best
strategies for you.

Find a practitioner that understands how to tap into
optimizing your health with the many types of modalities not taught in medical
school.  There is a very important role
to have your doctors and hospitals help you in an emergency but it is on you to
make sure you optimize your health. That is my mission: to curate and guide any
consumer of health with the many incredible products, devices and services that
will optimize you.

Each of these recommendations is evidence based and diligent
research will find the appropriate documentation. Before instituting any type
of health optimization, obtain the consultation from your medical practitioner.
Authors assume no responsibility for any outcomes as this information is not presented
as medical advice.

If you are a practitioner or a consumer looking for a
practitioner, follow the link below for additional references that can guide
you towards optimizing your health.

As medical practitioners we have an incredible opportunity
to enhance our influence on those that trust us the most, our clients as patients.
This requires embracing strategies not commonly taught in medical school and
partnering with the types of health practitioners that can support the many
different health optimization strategies that are available. My personal
mission is to support all types of health practitioners to re-invent their
practice and find new pathways to help their business thrive and deliver better
results in community health as we can curate and guide or clients with the best
options now available to them. For more information, contact me through the


Bart Rademaker, MD


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