Methylene Blue

Methylene blue, a compound used to treat a blood disorder called methemoglobinemia, has a reputation for being a cognitive and mitochondrial enhancer.

Methylene blue (MB), is a bioactive substance and a blue dye developed by scientists in the 19th century for the textile industry.

Its use for upregulating mitochondria is the is the ultimate performance-enhancing Biohack because your Mitochondria are the fundamental energy generation mechanism that underlies everything else. It specifically helps the respiration process in mitochondria to produce ATP, the energy molecule that drives all physiological processes.

It was FDA approved for its treatment of methemoglobinemia but has been used for decades for a variety of purposes and specific clinical conditions like septic shock, infection and cardiac surgery.

Clinical and lab research has clearly proven the cognitive benefits of methylene blue:

Rats that were treated with methylene blue showed improvements in cognition and memory retention. This is also documented in human studies in which short term memory was improved.

In a rat model of cerebral ischemia, MB was able to speed up the removal of damaged mitochondria from a cell prior to cell death (mitophagy).

A clinical trial of twenty-six adults was conducted to investigate whether low doses (0.5 – 4.0 mg/kg) of methylene blue (MB) could increase brain activity and improve performance in memory tasks.


MB is also capable of reducing the mitochondrial damaging effects of amyloid beta in animal models.


Methylene blue works by donating electrons to coenzyme Q and possibly to cytochrome C, thus increasing cytochrome oxidase (complex IV) activity and oxygen consumption thus improving the efficiency of the electron transport chain in mitochondria to produce ATP


Methylene blue (MB) has been investigated in people with Alzheimer’s dementia, Some researchers believe that it could affect neurodegeneration via the inhibition of tau protein aggregation and amyloid formation.


Methylene blue is available online or through prescription form your HEAOPS practitioner who understands how and when to use it. It is available both in an oral form as well as intravenously. Adding red light therapy enhances the effects of methylene blue.

Typical does is between 02. Mg/kg to 2mg/kg.


Some precautions must be considered, and it is best to consult with your practitioner before use.



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Scientific Literature:

Multimodal Randomized Functional MR Imaging of the Effects of Methylene Blue in the Human Brain

Methylene blue reduces aβ levels and rescues early cognitive deficit by increasing proteasome activity:



If you want to live longer and have a higher quality of life: recognize that there are many health optimizing strategies available to you but first the appropriate diagnostics are necessary to determine best strategies for you.

Find a practitioner that understands how to tap into optimizing your health with the many types of modalities not taught in medical school.  There is a very important role to have your doctors and hospitals help you in an emergency but it is on you to make sure you optimize your health. That is my mission: to curate and guide any consumer of health with the many incredible products, devices and services that will optimize you.

Each of these recommendations is evidence based and diligent research will find the appropriate documentation. Before instituting any type of health optimization, obtain the consultation from your medical practitioner. All information on this platform is not to be considered as medical advice and therefore the authors assume no liability for any actions taken by any individual.

If you are a practitioner or a consumer looking for a practitioner, follow the link below for additional references that can guide you towards optimizing your mitochondria and potentially reversing any medical condition.

As medical practitioners we have an incredible opportunity to enhance our influence on those that trust us the most, our clients as patients. This requires embracing strategies not commonly taught in medical school and partnering with the types of health practitioners that can support the many different health optimization strategies that are available. My personal mission is to support all types of health practitioners to re-invent their practice and find new pathways to help their business thrive and deliver better results in community health as we can curate and guide or clients with the best options now available to them. For more information, contact me through the website.


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