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Alice Miller

Alice Miller is the founder of

With a background spanning Information Technology, Transpersonal Psychology, and Meditation, Alice, at once, recognized the fascinating convergence of these disciplines within the innovative neurofeedback space. Her initial encounter with these transformative programs left an indelible mark on her, sparking a deep-seated commitment to contribute to their development and delivery, ensuring accessibility to anyone eager to unlock their true potential and evolve into the best version of themselves.

Alice has had the privilege of coaching nearly a thousand individuals, helping them optimize their brain’s performance, expand their minds, and enhance the quality of their lives. These unique brain wave training programs have consistently proven to be the quickest, most efficacious and easiest way to enhance cognitive abilities and perception, leading to lasting and beneficial changes in one’s life.

She is passionate about exploring consciousness, deepening mindfulness and fostering personal growth. This passion informs the design of XternalizedMind's brain wave training programs, which have the sole aim of bringing you closer to your fullest potential.

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