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Terra Thomas

Terra Thomas, an esteemed health and high-performance coach, brings a unique, neuroscience-informed approach to her bespoke coaching, specializing in facilitating long-term sustainable behavior change. With over 33 years of adaptively living with type 1 diabetes, Terra offers more than guidance; she provides a sequenced process that equips individuals, particularly women over 35 and families affected by diabetes, to transform their health and life journeys. Her methods, deeply rooted in the science of the brain and behavior, focus on adaptation, self-efficacy, and liberation from the burdens associated with health and life challenges. Terra’s own journey is a testament to living life beyond limitations, integrating practical health strategies with emotional and psychological resilience to achieve a harmonious balance of thoughts, feelings, and body sensations Her commitment to this philosophy is mirrored in her adventurous outdoor pursuits and travel, underscoring her dedication to goal attainment and a full, enriching life. Terra's empathetic, expert approach and belief in the possibility of a free, inspired life make her an invaluable ally for those seeking to rewrite their narratives towards freedom and a rich depth in well-being and high performance living, what she refers to as Well-Living.

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