It’s not too late to stop the pay cut–Medicare cuts threaten physician salaries

The American Rescue Plan, instated to resuscitate the economy after it crashed at the pandemic’s onset by providing grants, loans, or equity exchanges for relief payments to qualifying entities, is paid for in part with cuts to Medicare1. An 8.42% cut to physician payouts from the program is scheduled to take effect in 20232. In states where greater proportions of Medicare recipients (ages 65+) live–places like Florida (21.5% of the population), California (15.6%), and Texas (14.1%)–physicians face an oversized burden. 

There is still time to appeal Congress for a revision of their budgetary decisions, and the Florida Medical Association (FMA) has done a lot of footwork to advocate for their doctors, providing a template for use in contacting your representatives3: [Found here]





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