Actionera: Increase your patient engagement and improve recruitment
How are you staying connected with you patients and how effective is it really?

In today’s world with all the social media and other internet tools – it has never been easier but are you capitalizing on it?

There was a time that docs frowned upon placing an ad in the yellow pages. Today, if you are not active on social media like Instagram – you are being left behind.

If you are like me, I don’t particularly enjoy or have the bandwidth to be on social media and its often hard to find the right person to delegate it to. There is an alternative that is so simple and brilliant, it will boost your patient engagement and recruit new patients because you bring much more value to the patient with all the information they are seeking.

Watch this short 20 minute video and decide for yourself.


Deliver new content and invitations to your practice in a seamless and efficient manner. Enhance customer engagement and significantly increase your revenue!


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