Juvent’s Mission

Juvent delivers clinically validated solutions to improve musculoskeletal health. Our patented Micro-Impact Platform® has clinically demonstrated the ability to help users manage their osteoporosis and improve bone health non-invasively. Additionally, our technology helps users decrease joint pain and increase lymphatic drainage. Juvent’s Micro-Impact is an essential ingredient for total health and vitality; a Vitamin of Exerciseˇ

Juvent’s History

Juvent was founded and led by Jack Ryaby, renowned medical device pioneer, visionary, and expert in bone growth stimulation. Jack developed magnetic bone growth stimulators and founded EBI, a famous medical device company that has helped thousands heal from fractures.  He later founded Exogen which used ultrasound to heal fractures.  Both the magnetic and ultrasound worked very well when focused on small areas of the body.  Exogen became aware of the Juvent technology, which worked on the whole body and began its commercial development.  Exogen was sold to Smith & Nephew a large orthopedic company that chose not to develop the Juvent technology.

Ryaby assembled his team of experts from his earlier bone growth successes and millions in research and development funds and jumped at the chance to acquire the technology back from Smith & Nephew and Juvent was born.  Now the subject of numerous studies and clinical trials that confirm the amazing medical benefits, Juvent has won the support of clinicians and consumers, from sports legends like Mats Wilander, Mike Bryan, and David Leadbetter,  and the most winning female amateur golfer, Arlene McKitrick, to thousands of everyday users seeking a safer, easier, and more effective way to rejuvenate and reinforce their bodies.

Juvent’s Values

At Juvent, we take pride in supporting our users, employees, and partners.   We believe in helping our user maximize their health using validated technologies, education, and lifestyle changes.  We believe in supporting a clean environment.  We believe in manufacturing in the country we sell.  We support all efforts to improve musculoskeletal health and are members of the Corporate Advisory Roundtable of the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF).

All Juvent products are developed and manufactured in the USA.


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