SleepSpace Seamlessly Syncs to Oura Ring

(left) SleepSpace (right) Oura Ring


It is now painfully easy to integrate SleepSpace with major wearable devices including Oura Ring ????

All you need to do is wear your ring and allow HealthKit access to SleepSpace when you download the app. Then start a sleep session within SleepSpace and your data from the Oura Ring will appear within SleepSpace the next day. IMPORTANT NOTE: you will have to make sure the data within Oura syncs before it is viewable within SleepSpace. Also make sure that you are connected to the internet when using SleepSpace and not on airplane mode.

Using SleepSpace alongside Oura Ring has many advantages including:

* More accurate bedtime / wake times (very important for accurate sleep analyses)
* The ability to measure other key sleep stats, like sound in the room (important for evaluating snoring)
* The ability to use SleepSpace Sounds to push you into a deeper sleep
* Our patent smart alarm clock
* Optimal bedtime notifications based on your unique circadian rhythm
* Saving all your granular data on our server for download and use (important for researchers and biohackers).

As you’ll see above, I had a short sleep on the 13th due to some work stress. Don’t worry though, I made up for it with a long nap later in the day! The SleepSpace diary (left) displays sleep / wake and heart rate data that are produced from the Oura Ring. Our sleep / wake is actually more accurate though because we get the precise time that you went to bed and woke up by integrating with our smart alarm clock. You can see that the heart rates on both graphs are perfectly synced. Also notice that SleepSpace doesn’t display sleep stages. We could! And we have a demo app that does this, but frankly it’s just not accurate enough and we don’t want to mislead people (even though our algorithm is arguably the most accurate around).

If you want even more accurate sleep analyses, you can also sync SleepSpace to your Apple Watch.

What’s more is that we offer expert coaching over email and the phone to help you fully understand your sleep! Email us if you have any questions on how to integrate SleepSpace with the Oura Ring.


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