What is regenerative medicine?


Regenerative medicine designed to restore form and function by replacing or repairing human cells, or regenerate tissue or organs. This approach is different than traditional allopathic medical treatments, which tend to treat symptoms but do not address the underlying causes. Regenerative medicine essentially adopts a two-prong approach – optimizing the conditions of the body and introducing specific modes to actively correct the function of cells and tissues. Cell therapies and regenerative medicine represent a structural shift in healthcare by focusing on the underlying causes of disease and creating an environment that facilitates the restoration to normal function thus improving the health of patients.


An individual with type 1 diabetes cannot produce insulin. Cell therapy can potentially solve this by regenerating the islets of Langerhans and restore normal blood sugar levels. In this manner the opportunity exists to dramatically reduce the burden of disease for many if not all medical conditions. The current challenge are the substantial costs, the lack of scientific proof as well as unsubstantiated unethical claims preying on the desperate patient. Recently the FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb issued a statement saying that “[…] dishonest actors exploit the sincere reports of the significant clinical potential of properly developed products as a way of deceiving patients and preying on the optimism of patients facing bad illnesses…”


There is a critical need for continued medical research, proper regulation, and ethical implementation of innovation to move regenerative medicine into the realms of mainstream medicine.

As a practitioner in regenerative medicine there is an elevated responsibility to understand the very nuances of this field that not only can create remarkable results for the patients but keep you in alignment with the prerogatives of the FDA and their commitment to protect the consumer. There is also the right way to effectively promote the practice of regenerative medicine and beat the unethical and unsubstantiated claims of other practices who will undoubtedly be left behind because their failures in ethical practice.


Whether you are a consumer or a practitioner in regenerative medicine, you have many options, however, whatever option you choose it must start with the appropriate diagnostic work up to include a multitude of different biomarkers and genetic assessments not normally performed. This is always step one since if the physiological terrain is suboptimal, your treatments will be suboptimal. No different than putting fuel in a leaky tank – most of it, is wasted. The second step is then to correct any imbalances of the terrain with proper nutrition, lifestyle, and other treatments like ozone therapy and PEMF (pulsed electro magnetic field therapy) as well as other bio-energy modalities.


Once optimized, the conversation begins with autologous (your own) and allograft (from another) human cellular and tissue products (HCTP – as coined by the FDA). There are individual alleged or presumed advantages of the different products, but science has not sufficiently verified the many claims made. This then requires a mindful conversation with the practitioner you trust and obtain various additional opinions – to be as well informed as you can to then make the best decision you believe is right for you. In any event, it would be unfair to make any type of promise of an outcome, but I do personally believe that using or stimulating the release of the most powerful and natural repair system in our bodies makes sense. Our computers, technologies, drugs, or surgeries cannot beat the innate intelligence of these regenerative cells and tissue products. These cells and tissue products have developed over millennia to specifically build the entire human body (in our case) from two cells to seventy trillion cells. THAT’S INTELLIGENCE.


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