Trust is your currency and Reputation is your bank account!


I learned this phrase from Matthew Ray Scott of the Feed Agency as he was coaching me through a rebranding process.


I have known Matthew for the last 14 years or so when I first started with regenerative medicine as one of the first twenty-five plastic surgeons to incorporate into their practice. And as we all know, the FDA soon put a stop on that by preventing the companies to support our surgeries with the right products to acquire the stem cells from fat. Interestingly, the FDA just lost the court case in California and for now, we can resume the manipulation of Stromal vascular fraction (SVF) for treating our patients.


But this is not about regenerative medicine, this is all about how patients are getting the types of treatments they are looking for.


Because of the pandemic, many were fearful to go to the doctor’s office and many offices were indeed struggling to see their patients and some even closed. The consumer turned to the internet and discovered the information they thought they needed and began to get treated without the supervision of their doctors. Needless to say, results were likely mixed.


We must look at the bigger picture in all of this, the consumer is looking for the information on the internet and as physicians, we must illustrate an optimum brand and presence on the internet if we want to see patients in our doors. But even this is not enough. We must also embrace non allopathic health optimization strategies to support the needs of our patients.


This is why I developed a program, specifically designed for doctors, to successfully redesign or reinvent their medical practice and have the ability to meet the needs of their patients and have a booming business at the same time.


Visit my website page Fuel to learn more about what this program entails, and I will also introduce you to the Feed Agency for a free brand audit.


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